After the Move: Unpacking Effectively


As the moving vans pull away, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the prospect of dealing with all those boxes! But there are a few tips that can make your unpacking experience a little less daunting and a little more fun.

Throw in the towel! Throw them in a drawer, that is. It’s a good idea to pack some of your towels and toiletries in an easy-to-find place, like a dresser drawer. That way, you don’t have to scramble around to look for them when you’re ready to clean up.

Unpack the essentials. No matter how you define “essentials” (medicine, bathroom supplies, toys for the kids, gummy bears for that sugar boost), you should make sure a box of your must-have items is one of the last packages placed on the moving van (and therefore one of the first off). Unpack it right away so you aren’t stressing out over your necessities. This box of essentials should contain everything you need to make it for a couple of nights. 

Stock the cupboard.  Knowing that your kitchen is ready for action can bring you a sense of peace. One of the first rooms you should unpack is the kitchen. If you’ve got the time, go ahead and make a grocery store run for the basics. Get those appliances — like the all-important coffee maker — up and running.  

Tackle the garage last. Most of the items we store in our garages aren’t vital, so you can worry about them once the more important rooms are unpacked. Your garage can get out of hand pretty quickly, so try to have an organization plan in mind before unpacking.  

Remember the time-honored practice of delivery pizza. Even if you don’t like pizza (but, really, who doesn’t?), you should relax with the family a little bit at the end of the first day of unpacking. Order a pizza or get some take-out. Sit on the floor or use still-unpacked boxes as chairs and tables. Make the most out of the experience, take a deep breath, and never forget to enjoy yourself.