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Moving Checklist, Part 1 – Two Months Prior to Move


Follow this moving checklist and timeline to help your move go as smoothly as possible.

Two months prior to the move, you should:

  • Start looking into a moving partner. To get the ball rolling, you can contact Prossers Moving & Storage for an estimate.
  • Go through your house and determine what you must keep and what you want to get rid of. You may want to donate or sell some of your items at a yard sale rather than move them.
  • Make note of fragile items or items that will need special care or additional insurance coverage.
  • Create a records binder to store all your move-related information. Having all this information handy will be a life-saver down the road.
  • Organize all your school records. Start the process of having your child’s school records transferred to the new school district.

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Commercial Moving: Your Move. Your Schedule. Our Movers.


Since 1904, Prosser’s Moving & Storage Company has supported the employees of companies like yours since 1904. Our staff of moving specialists can help you plan your move from start to finish. We employ the latest technology, equipment and techniques to ensure that your relocation is completed on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption to your business. Days, nights, weekends—even holidays—your move is done on your schedule, not ours.

Unlike many of our competitors, the movers who work for Prosser’s Moving & Storage are employees of our company, not subcontractors. When you consider responsiveness, quality control, and the handling of confidential or highly sensitive materials, this is a key element of a successful commercial move. 

Efficiency is the key. The cost of your move is determined not by an hourly rate but by the efficiency of your mover.

Prosser’s Provides

Prosser’s commercial moving services are the most cost efficient in the metro area. We have the experience needed to provide accurate quotes and to efficiently complete your move:

  • Experienced in the installation and reconfiguration of modular systems furniture.
  • Expertise in the relocation of computer systems, sensitive electronic equipment and works of art.
  • Ability to handle any size move.
  • Office record storage.
  • Warehousing and storage.
  • Long distance moving — we’re an agent for Stevens Van Lines, Inc.
  • Other services designed to meet your needs.

Pre-Planning: the Crucial First Step

Any successful commercial move begins with a Prosser’s Moving and Storage representative meeting with your project administrator to identify your top priorities. With your goals in mind, we can determine the most efficient way to complete your move. We’ll work with you to:

  • Establish timetables designed to avoid unnecessary interruptions in your daily operations
  • Set priorities
  • Conduct extensive site surveys, prior to the move, so we can eliminate any surprises that may create a problem
  • Provide pre-move consultation with your employees
  • Provide on-site supervisors to work with you during the move

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Last Minute Moving Tips


For whatever reason, many people fall into the dangerous trap of procrastination when it comes to their move. Maybe “life got in the way” or maybe there was just something really great on TV. Whatever the reason, there are a few ideas that will make preparing for your “last minute move” a little easier!

Organize boxes by room

If you don’t mark your boxes by the room in which the contents belong, you’re only setting yourself up for a more hectic unpacking experience. It’s well worth your time to go through the house, marking boxes in bold, bright colors to indicate where the contents belong in your new home.

Don’t skimp on supplies

The old adage that it is better to have too much than not enough applies to the supplies you’ll need for your residential move. There’s nothing worse when you are running short on time than running out of boxes or tape. Think about all the supplies you think you’ll need for the move… and then stock up on a little extra.

Keep Important Documents Close

A portable locking storage box is a great place to keep important and irreplaceable documents such as tax forms, medical documents, or school paperwork. If there is paperwork that you need to

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After the Move: Unpacking Effectively


As the moving vans pull away, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the prospect of dealing with all those boxes! But there are a few tips that can make your unpacking experience a little less daunting and a little more fun.

Throw in the towel! Throw them in a drawer, that is. It’s a good idea to pack some of your towels and toiletries in an easy-to-find place, like a dresser drawer. That way, you don’t have to scramble around to look for them when you’re ready to clean up.

Unpack the essentials. No matter how you define “essentials” (medicine, bathroom supplies, toys for the kids, gummy bears for that sugar boost), you should make sure a box of your must-have items is one of the last packages placed on the moving van (and therefore one of the first off). Unpack it right away so you aren’t stressing out over your necessities. This box of essentials should contain everything you need to make it for a couple of nights. 

Stock the cupboard.  Knowing that your kitchen is ready for action can bring you a sense of peace. One of the first rooms you should unpack is the kitchen. If you’ve got the time, go ahead and make a grocery store run for the basics. Get those appliances — like the all-important coffee maker — up and running.  

Tackle the garage last. Most of the items we store in our garages aren’t vital, so you can worry about them once the more important rooms are unpacked. Your garage can get out of hand pretty quickly, so try to have an organization plan in mind before unpacking.  

Remember the time-honored practice of delivery pizza. Even if you don’t like pizza (but, really, who doesn’t?), you should relax with the family a little bit at the end of the first day of unpacking. Order a pizza or get some take-out. Sit on the floor or use still-unpacked boxes as chairs and tables. Make the most out of the experience, take a deep breath, and never forget to enjoy yourself.

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Prosser’s Document and Record Storage


You Need Room to Grow. We Provide the Solution.

When it comes to storing your valuable documents, you want a safe, clean environment, as well as the knowledge that you can conveniently access your information when you need it. Prosser’s Moving & Storage offers a modern storage environment you’re your documents and records. Our document storage solution is among the most cost-effective in the industry. Instead of taking up expensive space at your office, store your records with us.

Why Store Office Records with Prosser’s Moving & Storage?

There are a number of reasons to store your important records with us, including:

  • COST REDUCTION — with office space renting for more than $10 per foot, storage with Prosser’s will save you money.
  • COST EFFECTIVE — it’s less expensive than mini-storage, because you only pay for the space your documents need.
  • SAFE AND SECURE — 24-hour fire protection and security monitoring.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL — we provide a climate controlled warehouse for the complete protection of your documents.

Prosser Provides

We are very proud of our records storage division. All records are monitored and inventoried using a computer tracking system, which allows for quick and accurate retrieval. We can pick up or deliver your records on short notice. Secure storage of paper documents.

  • Full compliance with HIPAA regulations.
  • Pick up and delivery to all areas daily.
  • Three levels of delivery — next day, same day, rush.
  • Certified destruction of your records when needed.
  • Storage supplies at discounted prices.
  • Office furniture storage.

Contact us today to receive a FREE, no-cost, no obligation estimate to establish a document storage account for your firm today.

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Five Essential Moving & Packing Tips

Working with a professional moving company is a sure way to alleviate much of the stress of relocation. Prosser’s Moving & Storage knows many tips and tricks that will make your move easier. As you prepare for your move, here are a few ideas that will help make your relocation painless.

  • Be Prepared. Have the following supplies on hand when you start packing your belongings. Keeping them in a central, easy-to-reach spot will make the job of packing easier for everyone involved.
    • Boxes,
    • marking pen,
    • bubble wrap,
    • newspaper and tissue
    • Tape
    • Scissors
    • Post-it Notes
    • Tape measure
  • Choose Boxes and Containers Carefully. Strong, sturdy boxes that can be secured tightly are preferred. Purchase special boxes for dishes, wardrobe and other special items. Avoid packing boxes too heavily.
  • Label Your Boxes Appropriately. Put your markers to good use. Mark each box to indicate the room it should go in, whether or not it is fragile, and if it should be loaded or unloaded first or last.
  • Pack Electronics in the Original Boxes. If possible, pack your DVD players, CD players, computers, and other electronics in the original box. At the very least, keep related pieces together. Label cables and tighten transit screws. If removing screws, tape them to the objects they are removed from. 
  • Avoid Furniture Polish. It’s tempting to clean and dust all of your furniture before it goes on the moving van, but using furniture polish can turn furniture into a slippery handful.
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Prosser’s Residential Moving

Moving Your Family… Moving Your Memories… Without the Stress

At Prosser’s we understand that moving to a new home is about more than just moving things. It’s about moving memories.

Believe it or not, your move can be a great experience—from the time the first box is packed until your family is settled in at your new home. Prosser’s Moving & Storage offers both local and long-distance residential relocation services. Our professional staff is well trained and experienced, and their goal is to make your relocation enjoyable.

The first step in a successful, stress-free move is a meeting with your personal Relocation Consultant. Your Relocation Consultant will identify your top priorities and the most efficient way to complete your move. As part of the process, we will establish timetables designed to avoid unnecessary interruptions in your daily life.

Based on the information gathered during your consultation and survey, your Relocation Consultant will provide you with various pricing options and an accurate, hassle-free, no-cost, no obligation price quote.

Furniture Protection

Prosser’s uses the most up-to-date packing materials and has specially trained technicians who employ packing techniques to ensure the safety of your furniture.


Prosser’s provides local, long-distance and international transportation services. Our trailers are equipped with air-ride suspension systems and our drivers are thoroughly trained to ensure the safe and timely arrival of your belongings.


We can also provide a safe and secure, warehouse environment for short and long-term storage.

Packing Services

Prosser’s offers three levels of packing services to meet every need:

Full-Service Packing

All items in your home are packed by our experts using the most up-to-date packing methods in the industry.

Fragile Packing

Professional packing only for those items you consider breakable or of high-value, such as dishes, glassware, artwork, fragile furniture and mirrors.

Do-It-Yourself Packing

Prosser’s can provide guidelines, boxes and other packing materials to make the job as easy as possible for do-it-yourselfers.

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