Last Minute Moving Tips


For whatever reason, many people fall into the dangerous trap of procrastination when it comes to their move. Maybe “life got in the way” or maybe there was just something really great on TV. Whatever the reason, there are a few ideas that will make preparing for your “last minute move” a little easier!

Organize boxes by room

If you don’t mark your boxes by the room in which the contents belong, you’re only setting yourself up for a more hectic unpacking experience. It’s well worth your time to go through the house, marking boxes in bold, bright colors to indicate where the contents belong in your new home.

Don’t skimp on supplies

The old adage that it is better to have too much than not enough applies to the supplies you’ll need for your residential move. There’s nothing worse when you are running short on time than running out of boxes or tape. Think about all the supplies you think you’ll need for the move… and then stock up on a little extra.

Keep Important Documents Close

A portable locking storage box is a great place to keep important and irreplaceable documents such as tax forms, medical documents, or school paperwork. If there is paperwork that you need to